Grant Opportunities

Taylor+McAtee Welcoming Microgrant

Rolling application, offered annually on a first come-basis. 

The editors of Ruckus believe that it is now more important than ever to elevate the voices of Black art writers in our region. To put this into action, we are announcing today a new annually-occurring microgrant fund that will provide additional compensation for Black writers who are publishing with Ruckus for the first time. This will act as a stopgap while we consider longer-term solutions for equity amongst our writer base.

For 2021, we have raised an additional $1,200, which will provide an extra $200 to 6 new Black writers, in addition to the writer compensation provided by Great Meadows Foundation.

We recognize that this is a small gesture in the grand scheme of this movement’s work, but as a small organization it is one we feel is sustainable within the larger mission of Ruckus.

In honor of Breonna Taylor and David McAtee who were both killed by law enforcement in Louisville in 2020, we are calling this recurring fund for new Black writers the Taylor+McAtee Welcoming Microgrant. The funds for this year’s program are effective immediately.

To apply, check the “consider me for the Taylor+McAtee Welcoming Microgrant for new Black writers,” field in our pitch submission form.


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