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ABOVE: Glass Breakfast, Amalia Galdona Broche

Glass Breakfast: Amalia Galdona Broche

Ian Carstens

Amalia Galdona Broche is a multidisciplinary artist working in fibers, sculpture, installation, and time-based mediums. Broche creates in a labor-intensive, maximalist style that employs knotting, tearing, draping, and coiling techniques alongside traditional and modern technologies. She draws inspiration from her formative years in Santa Clara, Cuba as well as internal landscapes complicated by questions of identity, transculturation, immigration, and the interplay between the collective/individual. Filmmaker Ian Carstens sat down with the artist at her University of Kentucky studio in Lexington.





Ian Carstens uses the documentary, experimental, and curatorial modes to create both interiorly personal pieces as well as multidimensional collaborative projects. Carstens currently lives and works in Bloomington, IN.
Sisters: Our Lady of Regla and My Lady of Charity
fibers and pins on carved foa, 40 x 40 x 72 inches per figure, 2018
All photos courtesy of the artist

Masqueraders in This Never-Ending March
fibers, discarded textiles and wire
seven sculptures ranging from 6-10 feet tall, 2019

Mother of Horns,
synthetic resin, natural and synthetic fibers on wire and foam armature, 20 x 20 x 45 inches, 2020

Flowers for the Saints I,
burlap, twine, wire, paper, natural and synthetic fibers, 27 x 52 x 4 inches, 2020.

Knotty Landscape, installation,
mixed media, 10 x 10 x 20 feet, 2019

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