Equity Action Plan

In accord with our mission that reads, “We seek to lift up voices, perspectives, and histories that are often overlooked” the staff and board of Ruckus acknowledge that consistently scrutinizing our internal structure—as well as our published content—is essential to combating institutional racism, sexism, anti-blackness, queerphobia, transphobia and the many effects of income inequality. As such, we have committed ourselves to the following policies and strategies:

  1. Board membership for Ruckus shall always consist of at least 50%+ BIPOC representation.
  2. Board membership for Ruckus will not require dues.
  3. Ruckus will maintain its Welcoming Microgrant for New BIPOC Writers, which provides an annually recurring set of honorariums for writers working with Ruckus for the first time.
  4. Ruckus will solicit content that actively redistributes power within the regional arts community, amplifying the work of emerging artists, writers, and DIY/community-run arts spaces.

RUCKUS, 2018-2023
Louisville, KY