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Ruckus is sustained by a dynamic mix of writers and writing backgrounds. Anyone can submit an article idea regardless of experience or formal art training. We are looking for writers who are conscious of ongoing dialogue in contemporary art and excited about our region’s contribution to the greater conversation. Our writers are compensated $250 per article. 

While most of our funding and attention is dedicated to writing that directly engages with subjects connected to our region (see our “About” page to learn how we define “our region”), we also publish writing that deals with more broadly applicable ideas and subjects of art as often as our resources allow, and welcome pitches to this effect.

Have a piece in mind? Feel free to send us a pitch using our submission form.

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Ruckus is invested in developing a network of writers across the region. Want to be involved but don’t have a pitch? Introduce yourself! You’ll be included in notifications for writing opportunities and will have the opportunity to discuss future pieces with our editorial team.

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