In Memory of Al Shands 

The team at Ruckus would like to acknowledge the passing of Al Shands, a monumental figure who forever transformed Louisville’s art community and opened doors for so many Kentucky artists. As an early supporter of Ruckus, Al recognized and embraced the need for critical dialogue as a way to uplift and strengthen the artists and institutions in our region. His confidence in our publication deepened our commitment to this work. Through Great Meadows Foundation, he provided us the opportunity to build Ruckus into a mainstay of art writing in our city and the surrounding area, and his memory will always be a part of our story. Al’s love of art and care for this community drove his philanthropic work to shape our landscape, and we will be thanking him for years to come.

A portrait photo of Al Shands, who is standing with his hands in his pockets, centered on a peach-colored wall with the light of a square window sharply angled in from the top left. Smiling, and looking straight ahead, he is wearing a green sweater and a bright button up shirt underneath.
Photo: Ross Gordon

RUCKUS, 2018-2023
Louisville, KY