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ABOVE: Glass Breakfast, Norman Spencer
︎ Louisville

Glass Breakfast: Norman Spencer

Ian Carstens

Norman Spencer is a fine art printmaker and visual artist based in Louisville, Kentucky. Spencer specializes in hand printed woodcuts, linocuts, cyanotypes and monoprints inspired by nature, architecture and human life. Filmmaker Ian Carstens sat down with the artist at Garner Narrative in Louisville.





Ian Carstens uses the documentary, experimental, and curatorial modes to create both interiorly personal pieces as well as multidimensional collaborative projects. Carstens currently lives and works in Bloomington, IN.
Artist Norman Spencer stands in front of a counter with a loom, weaving in progress, and in front of a wall with 10 multicolored prints

A dim gallery wall with a single, large print artwork showing an evenly spread array of ginkgo leaves in yellows greens, and browns on a white background.

A mixture of several lino cut prints on a table surface, some showing plants, other showing figures.

RUCKUS, 2018-2023
Louisville, KY