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The 2021-2022 Editorial Fellow: Gervais Marsh

Ruckus is honored and excited to introduce our 2021-2022 Editorial Fellow, Gervais Marsh.

Gervais Marsh (they/them, he/him) is a writer, artist and curator whose work is deeply invested in Black life, concepts of relationality and care. Their writing, artistic and curatorial practice is rooted in Transnational Black feminist theory and praxis. They are a PhD candidate in Performance Studies at Northwestern University and their dissertation engages the work of several Black queer visual and performance artists who explore questions of intimacy and the human form to envision otherwise possibilities of existing in the world, while grappling with the irreconcilable violence of global structures of anti-Blackness. They grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, a home that continues to shape their understanding of self and their relationship to the world.

A black and white headshot of Gervais, who is standing centered among dense leaves, smiling gently, and looking forward.
Gervais Marsh

RUCKUS, 2018-2023
Louisville, KY