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Glass Breakfast, zakkiyyah najeebah dumas o’neal

Glass Breakfast: zakkiyyah najeebah dumas o’neal

Ian Carstens

zakkiyyah najeebah dumas o’neal makes work to further understand how the specificity of her own lived experiences are connected to historical and contemporary movements that involve embodied knowledge production. She explores this through social portraiture, video assemblage, collage, drawing, and found images. She seeks to reinforce a different kind of gaze (and gazing) which she processes through empathy, desire, love, queer identity, family, intimacy, illegibility, and poetics. Within her projects there's an overlying theme of trying to make sense of what and who she belongs to across time, location, and space.




Ian Carstens (he/him) is a writer, filmmaker and curator based in the Midwest. Carstens is also an associate editor for Ruckus.

RUCKUS, 2018-2023
Louisville, KY